the easiest way to manage your bills

Save time

set up all your household bills online in minutes

App 1

manage your home from the convenience of our smart phone app

Save money

automatically split bills with the people you live with

the bills nightmare is over

before acasa:

1 person gets stuck with all the work and admin

5 bills need to be set up every time you move in to a new home

8 days per year are spent setting up and handling household finances

with acasa:

all your bills will be managed from your acasa app

everyone in your home will have clarity on who owes what - you can even track all your daily household expenses along with your bills.

each person can pay their share with the acasa app so no one is out of pocket

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who will your providers be?

Octopus purple

Octopus energy

Can save you £140/year
100% renewable
No exit fees, end your contract at anytime
Rated 5 stars on Trustpilot


TV Licence

Anyone who watches or records live TV needs a TV Licence in the UK. Automatically split the TV Licence fee with the others in your home by purchasing via acasa.

Origin n5wfhg
Virgin twsy1f


We offer both Origin Broadband and Virgin Media so you can choose what works best for you!

Origin Broadband

Available nationwide
Can save you £80+/year
Standard ADSL and fibre available

Virgin Media

Fastest speeds in the UK
9 month student contract available

Water 3x lih3gu


We set up you up with your local water company. We'll keep track of when your bills are due. You pay exactly what they charge straight through acasa.